I wonder if she’s in the market for a new BFF, because I am SO there

happy-face.pngAs you know if you’ve been reading regularly (and if you haven’t, why not? Do you want to make me cry? Is that what this is? Because it’s kind of mean, is all I’m saying), I am starting a new business.

For the record, when I say ‘I’ am starting a new business, I actually mean me, and my fellow groomer and partner, Miranda, and then there’s all the work that Pookie has done and continues to do and Baby Girl has done more than her fair share (sometimes it’s not so cushy to work for your Mom) and of course, Pooter has helped by providing comic relief and keeping us awake when we were literally watching varnish dry.

So when I say that ‘I’ am starting a new business, I’m not discounting anyone else. I’m just trying to keep the writing (and I use the term loosely) simple and spare. Possibly so that I have more room for cuss words.  Who the fuck knows.

We’ve been calling our customes to let them know where we are, and in a bit of irony when I say ‘we’, I actually mean ‘I’, because I’m the only one making any calls.   So far.  We only have the one phone line, so it’s  my turn now, and then Miranda (my partner) will get her turn in the barrel.    The barrel, she is a cruel mistress.

Anyway, besides the  cauliflower ear, it’s been by and large a positive experience.  People have been very enthusiastic about the new place and are eager to come see us.

However, the one that will forever stick in my mind is the wonderful lady who said (and I quote), “I’m so proud and happy for you! I always knew you were better than that place.”.

I think I love her.


5 Responses to “I wonder if she’s in the market for a new BFF, because I am SO there”

  1. Lynnster Says:

    If you ever needed validation that you have done the right thing, I think you just got it from that lady. Nice! 🙂

  2. Mrs. Chili Says:

    YAY!! Validation that you did the right thing by moving on – as if you needed it.

    Here’s hoping that all your customers will be, if not at nice as here, at least not complete and utter assholes…

  3. Pat K Says:

    Were I to have the company of a beast,
    I would trust him to your more than capable hands.

  4. Paul K Says:

    Good luck — found you via MLB Bloggers. Play ball!

  5. Mrs. Flinger Says:

    Ohhh, congrats!! I hope to hear great things about your success. Thanks for stoping by earlier. You CRACKED me up with your comment. I’m so bookmarking you. 😉

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