And your little dog too

My life of late has been..a bit stressful.  Between finishing out my two weeks at the old job and trying to get everything ready to open the new place on Monday (things NOT ready, btw), things have been, well, crazy.

I won’t bore you with the details, because the details are indeed very boring (Ex: The water company has the highest desposit of any of the utilities, phone and internet included. Yawn.)

There have been a couple of high points though.

The first was when I got to kick a customer out and tell her not to come back.  It was totally satisfying. Don’t worry, I didn’t just pick out an old lady at random to kick out, just to give myself a boost.  This lady deserved it.

She got very angry when the groomer didn’t recognize her because “You’re name is Kate and my name is Katie! Remember!?  GOD, I can’t believe you don’t remember me.”

Then, she insisted that we had always charged her for a toy poodle clip on her dog. Which, since her dog is most definitely a miniature poodle and the computer verified that she had never been charged for a toy, we told her she was mistaken.

Let me give y’all a little advice.  Don’t tell crazy people they are wrong.  It’s a bad idea.

I was already inclined to boot her out, but besides the size of her ego (“I’m Katie! You’re Kate! What is WRONG with you!?”), and trying to get the groom cheaper, she hadn’t really acted out badly enough to get the boot.

Just as I’m telling the manager that I’d just as soon he got rid of her, she loudly exclaimed that Kate was pissing her off.

I whipped my head around at her and announced that ‘ok, we’re done now!’.  I handed her her dog and told her that she needed to leave.  She then told me that Kate had ‘screamed’ at her first.  Since Kate is sort of infamous for being a low talker and there were about 10 people in the salon at the time, she had no hope of getting that one to fly.

I quite literally shooed her out of the salon, all the while saying things like, “Alrighty then!  Thanks so much!  Time to go!  Have a great day!”

The other high point was having a great book to excape into and forget all the stress for awhile.  Super Mom Saves the world is a fast, fun read and totally capable of delivering you to Calgon-type happiness.

Melanie Lynne Hauser is a hot chick with a sense of humor (check out her blog) and the ability to transfer that sense of humor to the page.  Thank God.  Now if I could just get Super Mom over here to use her power of 20,000 Swiffers on my house, I’d be finer than frog hair.

6 Responses to “And your little dog too”

  1. Mrs. Chili Says:

    Oh, MAN! I WISH I’d been there to see it because let me tell you, we polite customers are SO happy to see other, rude customers get what’s coming to them. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve felt like I’ve had to apologize to the service person for the ass in line in front of me, or the number of times I’ve been treated badly because there was an ass in line in front of me and I got the leftover rage of the service person, or the number of time I’VE wanted to kick someone the hell out of a store because they’re acting like a f#*king spoiled three year old.

    (gee, Chili – tell us how you REALLY feel….)

    You KNOW Katie’s not going to change her attitude, but a good, swift kick in the booty can’t hurt (and I’d LOVE to be a fly on the wall when she tries to show up at your new place because she can’t go back to the old place….)

  2. Pat K Says:

    Next time apply the sleeper hold.

  3. Pookie Says:

    When Contrary says she “literally” shooed the lady out, she wasn’t kidding. “Literally” isn’t a word she uses figuratively. You should see the reenactment, complete with the flicking hand motion and big grin as she wishes the lady a nice day. 😉

    I wasn’t there for that one, but I will be there today for her last day at Good-Job-Turned-Into-Retail-Corporate-Hell. I hang around there a lot anyway, but this is our day to throw a party, buy lunch for everyone, give big hugs goodbye, and celebrate a new beginning. And my ability to be a seriously intimidating and scary MoFo will be on hand, just in case some corporate buttmunch seagull-type manager has even the slightest question about what equipment belongs to whom as we’re on the way out the door.

    I’m disappointed I wasn’t there for the crazy lady. I almost hope someone of the corporate buttmunch seagull variety is on hand for our glorious exit. One can only wish…

  4. mrschili Says:

    Oh, MAN! I can’t WAIT for the update of how TODAY went!!!

    : )

  5. Sarah Says:

    I know I wouldn’t have had the guts to do that. You are a woman in control! I would have bandied back and forth with her for 15 minutes until getting totally mad, THEN screamed at her until she escorted herself out in a bloody rage.

    Nice poise!

  6. Lynnster Says:

    ROFLMAO at the kicking out. You are so butch, heh. No seriously, that’s a great story!

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