What The Fuck?

  This video is both hilarious and bizarre, which is one of my favorite combinations.   It’s better than ‘sad and vicious’ but not as good as ‘sexy and chocolate-y’.


5 Responses to “What The Fuck?”

  1. mrschili Says:

    This guy MUST have a personality disorder. There’s no other excuse for pulling that kind of crap in such a public way. I mean, if the man is just an asshole, he wouldn’t behave that way in front of cameras – and certainly not in front of police.

    Here’s hoping he gets the help he needs – and his customers get their money back…

  2. fauve Says:

    Okay, while I do feel bad for the people who got screwed out of their money…that was some funny shit.

  3. Fishie Says:

    That’s one tough old guy! Did you see the way he had his fists out! Old school!

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