I also went grocery shopping

I’m finally going to attempt to do the 6 weird things about me meme that Fauve laid on my ass. I think I did this one before, but I think I can probably come up with 6 more original weird things. I’m complex, with weirdness on many levels.

1) There are a few words I can never think of when I need to. Q-tip (in my defense, not actually a word), and hemostats being two very good examples. I call Q-tips “ear cleaner outers” and I call hemostats “ear hair puller outers” (because I use them to pull the hair of a dog’s ear when I’m grooming it). Sometimes I can’t even think of those, so I simply mimic how I would use each one. These are only examples, there are others. Thank goodness the people who love me (and my co-workers) are a patient lot and are willing to play Name That Object on a regular basis.

2) I’m a little weird about leftover food. I will eat cold spaghetti till the cows come home (and probably even after that if they get home particularly early) but most anything else is dead to me once it hits the fridge.

3) I put away all my laundry yesterday, which is not particularly weird, but is definitely worth a mention. For instance, Pookie mentioned it quite a bit before I put it up. Of course, he was the one tripping in the middle of the night over the baskets holding only my clothes.

4) I am absolutely powerless against a good back scratching. More than once (and by that, I mean ALL THE FUCKING TIME), I have been rendered effectively mute during a really good rant by Pookie or Baby Girl simply scratching my back. Well, mute except for the gutteral moans and whimpers.

5) When I clean out my right ear, it makes me cough. I have no idea why.

6) I can go all day without visiting the little girl’s room (and frequently do, at work) but if you put me in a car, I will need to pee as soon as we’re out of the driveway, even if I JUST went before we left. And at 30 minute intervals thereafter.

Okay, people. I shared with you. Now you share with me. Share one weird little thing about you. I mean, you don’t have to, but if you don’t, I’m just gonna make something up.


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