The fact that I have PMS isn’t helping much either

Let’s just skate right past the part where I haven’t blogged since God was a pup and get right on to the post. It’s just better this way, really. I won’t feel the need to defend myself and explain how busy I’ve been, and y’all won’t have to think about how you’re busy too, but you make the time to stop by here and visit and I don’t even have the decency to throw up a
Youtube video and a ‘Howdy do!’.

Ok then.

I try very hard to keep any angst I might be feeling out of this blog. Mostly because I have so few reasons to feel angsty. There are a few bloggers out there who are going through genuine bad stuff and they write about it and they write about it well. You end up caring about them and how their story will come out.

Then there are people like me. Most people are like me, I think. Basically happy, with very little angst factor. When the best I can come up with to complain about is how my kid kept waking up last night, or the cat’s latest disgusting hairball, or how tired I am from working a job I love which pays reasonably well and has good bennies, I should really just keep my complaints to myself.

But I’ve been feeling quite angsty lately and well, now I’m gonna bitch about it. Everybody who knows me in real life has had to listen to me bitch about it, so I figure it’s your turn.

I’m quite peeved with my oldest son. As most of you, I think, he’s in the Army, stationed in California. Which isn’t all that far from here, unless you consider ‘across the country’ to be far.

Anyway, the last time I had direct (telephone) contact with him was about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Since then, the only signs of life I’ve seen from him are a comment he left on this blog, on an old post, and that he approved me as a ‘friend’ on Yahoo.

That’s it. No IMs, no e-mail, no phone calls. Now, I know he’s a big boy and all, but it’s the holidays and he was supposed to let me know what he wants for Christmas and he wanted to know what we wanted. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not at all about the gifts (but I do wish I knew what he wants, because its late enough now that I’ll have to guess and chance it getting there late.).

I guess the deal is that we’re normally in touch in some way 2 or so times a week and I’m a bit worried that all meaningful communication has been abruptly cut off. Basically, all I know right now is that he’s alive and is able to type.

I know he’s a grown man and doesn’t need his Mommy worrying about him, but it doesn’t work like that. You get worried about whether you like it or not, so do yourself a favor and go call your Mom.

Ok, bitch over. For now.

Now, the good news! Remember when I mentioned my friend Jack? Well, he went through some serious stuff healthwise and almost didn’t make it, but he’s home and he’s getting better.

He left what has to be my favorite comment ever. He said “…Well I almost died, but at least I finally got mentioned in your fucking blog…” Ha! I bet Dooce never got a comment like that.

And now, to make up for my recent absence, I have a video for you! Be prepared to ‘awww’.

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