Book ‘Em, Dano

From this story:

“A Rock Hill, S.C., woman called police and asked them to arrest her son who opened a Christmas present early after being told not to, the Rock Hill Herald reported. Police went to the house and arrested the boy and charged him with petty larceny.”

Yep. The police arrested him. They helped the mother foster a very deserved distrust of authority in general and the police in specific. Good call, guys!

“The women said that the boy lied to them at first, saying he was unaware of where the video game system was. After threat of calling the police, the boy apparently gave the toy back to his mother, the paper reported. But the upset mother called police anyway.”

So she manipulated him into telling her the truth and she lied to him. Somebody call those Mother of the Year people and tell them we have a winner!

“I’m trying to get him some kind of help,” the 27-year-old mother told the paper. “He’s the type of kid who doesn’t believe anything until it happens.”

She said he has shoplifted, stolen money from her, punched a police officer and is nearing expulsion from school. ”

I’m not sure what made her wait until now to decide to ‘help’ her kid, but I think her timing is off. You have to admire her resolve, though. She’ll put up with shoplifting and battery of a police officer, but she by-God will not stand for early gift opening. I wonder what the penalty for just shaking the gift box is. Maybe an Indian burn?

“The mother plans to have her son placed with the state Department of Juvenile Justice in Columbia at his court appearance, the Herald reported.”

While I agree that he should be removed from his mother’s ‘care’, I tend to think the wrong person is going to jail. She’s going to put her kid in Juvie Hall over this, instead of seek out and provide therapy for him to help with his obvious issues. Nice. Whore.

Of course, all those years ago when my brothers would open their presents and then open mine and tell me what I got, I coulda used a cop.

Speaking of Christmas (how’s that for a segue?), I have been doing some online shopping for Pookie’s gift. His only request was for ‘something to do with the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals’. Which is both specific yet really kind of vague all at the same time.

I’ve been trolling Amazon this evening and I came up with a few ideas. Tell me what you think.

No? Really? You don’t think?

I’ve actually found a couple things I think he’ll love, but I’m obviously not posting links to those here. Because if he were to click on those links and take a look, I’m pretty sure that would be illegal. Or maybe that’s just South Carolina.

Anyway, if any of you happen to know Albert Pujols or David Eckstein, please ask them to send an autographed ball or jersey over this way. Just have them write; “To Pookie, that nutjob must really love you”.


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