A cool contest and a hot recipe

There is a really cool Swiffer contest going on that I thought you all might want to know about (Thanks Nicole, for the head’s up!).

Y’all can visit here from November 15 through December 30 and submit a photo(s) of your interior holiday decorated home. During this time, one photo will be chosen each week and posted as “favorite home of the week”

In addition, participants will be chosen via random sweepstakes selections and will win the following:

1. Grand Prize Winner: $3,500 toward a home makeover
2. 25 First Prize Winners: A Swiffer WetJet
3. 6 Weekly Winners: A year’s supply of Swiffer Products

Now, who couldn’t use $3,500.00? I know I could. So carry your butts over there and see what the fuss is all about.

Now, onto other matters: There was a minor clamoring for the stuffing recipe that my mother-in-law gave me. So here it is. Oh, and no pressure or anything, but if you screw this recipe up, your crock pot should be taken away from you. Seriously. If I can do it, anyone can do it.


4 1/2 cups cornbread
1- 16oz package Pepperidge Farms Herb Seasoned dressing mix
2- 10.5 oz cans cream of chicken soup
2- 14 oz cans of chicken broth
1 medium sized onion-chopped
1/2 cup celery-chopped
4 large eggs
1 tbs rubbed sage
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
2 tbs butter

Combine all ingredients except butter in large bowl and mix well. Spray inside crock pot with Pam (or otherwise lube that bad boy up), spoon mixture into crock pot and then put pats of butter on top. Cook on low setting for 4 hours. Serve and collect compliments graciously.

Ok, I’ve talked about a Swiffer contest and posted a recipe. Honest to God, what is the world coming to? I have an awesome entry coming tomorrow from my genius stepson. Be prepared to be amused and amazed.

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