Thanksgiving Eve

So, is everybody ready for Thanksgiving? I’m not. I mean, I’m ready for the parade and all the good food and the after dinner nap with Pookie, but I’m not prepared.

This is the second busiest week of the year for groomers, only slightly behind the week before Christmas. Work is kicking my ass and the cold I picked up at work is standing there cheering nastily while work kicks my ass.

This also explains (but not excuses) why I haven’t been doing much reading or commenting on other blogs. To those who are getting the short end, I’m weally, weally sowwy (isn’t that cute? don’t you want to forgive me for slighting you and your blog now?).

In better news, I have a three day weekend coming up. Lots of company coming, but also lots of time to sit down and type out some actual posts. Time to put some thought into what I’m writing and make an actual effort to entertain and/or amuse. It’s gonna be great! Or maybe that’s wishful thinking combined with a cold medicine haze.

So what are your plans for Thanksgiving?

P.S. We got a new dog yesterday. After all those odd mix jokes, we ended up with a Great Dane/Bloodhound mix. Think gangly meets droopy meets sweet meets goofy and you have a pretty accurate idea of what she looks like. Pictures soon to come.

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