Coupon, Schmoupon

I went through the Wendy’s drive-thru last night, to get the kids some supper.

Because chicken nuggets are health food. I read that somewhere. In some medical journal. It also said that sloth is actually good for you.

Anyway, I ordered the little man a chicken nuggets kids’ meal. Now, the only reason I get him the kids’ meal is for the toy or prize that is supposed to come with it. Without the toy, it’s just food. Health food. Only, this meal didn’t have any toy or prize. It came with a coupon for a free kids’ meal.

The coupon states “All Kids’ Meals include a choice of small fries or mandarin orange cup; a Kids’ soft drink, 2% white milk, or 1% chocolate milk; and a special fun surprise!

Ahh, the irony is delicious, yes?

Let me explain the reason why this coupon does not count as a special fun surprise. In his nearly four years on this Earth, the kid has not once had to pay for a meal. ALL his kids’ meals are free. He eats gratis, 3 meals a day, 365 days a year and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. He’s not on a budget, is what I’m saying here.

His entire interest in the whole kids’ meal thing is the toy. It doesn’t have to be a good toy. In fact, we kind of expect it to be a crappy toy with no point to it and a short lifespan. We’re ok with that, as long as we get the toy.

I suppose I could have folded the coupon into a paper plane, but I never was any good at that (though I do make an awesome paper boat out of magazine subscription cards. Martha Stewart, eat your heart out).

Dave would SO have kicked your asses for this.