Go Cards! (Updated!)

I don’t hear much about baseball in the blogging world. I guess everybody’s too busy creating actual content and being all writerly to care about it.

However, as y’all know, I could give a crap about content, I use all my creativity to figure out what kind of ice cream tastes best with chocolate cake (vanilla), and I use non-words like writerly.

So we’re talking about baseball tonight. Specifically the World Series.

Now, I’m a Cubs fan. It’s genetics, I think. My dad was a Cubs fan, and my brothers are Cubs fans. Since I’ve already forsaken the family name by not being a Democrat, I stay true to the Cubbies to make up for it.

However, as per usual, the Cubs had their collective heads up their collective asses all year and the post season was but a dream for them.

So, Pookie is a St. Louis Cardinals fan. Our running joke is that we have a mixed marriage as Card fans and Cub fans do not generally get along well. We compromise during the regular season by rooting for each other’s team as long as the two teams aren’t playing each other.

This leads to lots of snarky phone calls from Pookie at work during evening games as the Cards are invariably whipping the Cubs asses.

Anyway, I’ve come to respect this team and it’s players and the manager, Tony La Russa. I love watching them play.

The Cards made it to the Series this year, against the Detroit Tigers. The entered the Series as the underdog, but are now leading 3 games to 1.

They’ve come this far through skill, strategy, persverence, a hell of a bullpen and the sheer force of my will.

That’s right, I’m taking partial credit for this. My eyes have burned through that screen every game night willing them to win.

Ahh! The Tigers just scored a two run homer. This makes me unhappy.

I’ll be back later.

Update: Ha! Take THAT, you crack smoking Tiger fans! Ha!

The Cards have won the series. Oh, and Tony? You’re welcome. I was glad to do it.


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