It seems like it’s been longer than that

Y’all, we missed a very important occasion. It was my first blog birthday on Oct. 17. As my gift to you to commemorate the occasion, I give you this. No need to thank me!

Now that I’ve gorked out you entirely (well, if you clicked on that link, anyway), I offer up my very first post for your consideration and/or ridicule:

“Well,after much futzing (it’s a word!) and fidgeting, I am now down with the blog. Now I gotta write something, huh? Damnit, I knew there was a catch.

I’m still learning all the bells and whistles here. Serious clicking of random buttons goin on here.

It’s Monday. And I? Am not at work. Because I? Am totally the boss. Except for the many thousands of people who are my bosses. But they’re stinky and we don’t like them. I am the boss of my little spot and I do make the schedules, so here I sit; Monday morning and nothing better to do than create my first ever blog. Whoo. It’s good to be the Queen.”

I know, literary genius, right? I actually spent the morning reading through my archives and enjoying myself immensely. Not because the writing is any good, but because of the comments. Back in the day, my family would just take over the comments section and say the most awful things. I actually kind of miss that. I am the crazy.

Speaking of my archives, I never did figure out how to just move them here, but I do have a link to them up in my blogroll, so please feel free to go peruse if you’re so inclined. It’s the very flrst link (of course). Just don’t peruse too throughly, because I totally plan to re-post some of those during November. Because, let’s face it, there’s no way I can be interesting 30 days in a row without borrowing from myself.

I’m actually really excited about National Blog Posting Month, a lovely idea from the lovely Mrs. Kennedy.

I’m still open to any ideas y’all might have so feel free to post them in comments.

Some things you can look forward to in November:

1) The story of how I got stabbed in the FACE. With bloodshed and everything.

2) How a miracle occured in my van!

3) Some excellent YouTube offerings that I have been holding onto.

4) And some other random shit.

Exciting, yes?