Where I pick your brains (figuratively…because..eww)

Mrs. Chili has taken a break from giving me shit over at Pookie’s blog to tell me about a wicked idea that Mrs. Kennedy had. (Mrs. Chili has also informed me that I need to learn how to use the word ‘wicked’ whenever possible if I’m going to fit in when we finally move to New Hampshire. How’m I doin’ so far? Wicked, right?)

Basically, the idea is to post something every day for the month of November. It doesn’t have to be literature (which is a good thing, right?) (Oh, shut up), just post something, anything every day for a month. It’ll also help strengthen my commitment to this blog.

I don’t kid myself that I’m a writer, but I enjoy this blog and am looking forward to the chance to prove to myself that I can do this.

I’m going to participate, because it sounds like fun and it’ll be a helluva challenge, especially for a girl who has a hard time thinking of something interesting to say just twice a week or so.

Also, Mrs. Kennedy made some awesome buttons for this thing for people to put on their blogs, and I want one! Of course, figuring out how to put that on my template, with the html and all, will be at worth at least one post. It’ll go something like this: Fuck. Fuckity. Fuckmerunning. What the fuck?

So, yes…my usual wit and brilliance. Do try not to be jealous of my genius for words.

So, anyway, the point of all this, is that I’d love to hear some ideas from you all. Maybe I could do one post comprised of people asking me questions in comments or e-mail and me answering them. They could be questions about me, or life in Texas, or why I think the Cubs suck on purpose just to piss me off or if you just need a good chocolate cake recipe (hey, I can use Google as well as anybody, right?). Anything.

Also, I think it would be great to do a few guest posts from my non-blogging friends who are hilarious and whom make me laugh often. Jo? Pat? I’m talking to y’all, here. If anybody else is a non-blogger (or if you have a blog (or a journal, which is snooty talk for blog) but would like to write something here), and you’d like a guest spot here, just let me know and I’ll give ya the hook-up.

Ok, I just had a parenthetical phrase inside of a parenthetical phrase. Someone should really take my keyboard away from me make and me read a book, already.

I’m not usually a comment beggar, because, hell, I’m just grateful that y’all are reading; asking for anything else just seems greedy. But I would really love to hear some serious feedback on this one. Y’all are all way smarter than I am, and I bet you can come up with lots of ideas.

Pretty please, with sugar on top, and by the way, have you lost weight? Because you look good. And I’m not just saying that. Really.

So if you have an idea for a post, or a question you’d like answered, please leave a comment or email me at verycontrary@gmail.com with the subject line ‘post ideas’. I look forward to hearing from you.


7 Responses to “Where I pick your brains (figuratively…because..eww)”

  1. Fishie Says:

    One thing I want to blog on is “That’s Another Thing I’m Never Gonna Do;” stuff I’d love to get to when life slows down, and yet I know it won’t.

    Nobody Does it Better (or Mad Skilz) – weird stuff only I can do. Or weird stuff nobody else does except me. Cuz I’m weird like that.

    The Last Thing that Made Me Cry
    I’m Soooo Cheap That…
    Music Stuck in My Head
    Where Have You Been? – All the places I’ve Lived/Travelled
    Rules For Life

    I’m certainly trying some of these. Now if everyone had a schedule, and did the same topics each day, that would be interesting. Kind of a month-long mega-meme.

  2. Mrs.Chili Says:

    I like the meme idea!

    Being an English teacher, I have scads of books with writing prompts in them. Let me know if you want a few, and I’ll pick out the least lame ones.

    Point of order: “wicked,” in New England speak, is used primarly as an adverb that modifies an adjective. “She’s wicked shit-faced.” “MAN! Did you see that? He’s going WICKED fast and is gonna get his ass arrested!” “Damn! It’s WICKED COLD out here!” -practice saying that last one, because you’re going to need it. A lot. Seriously.

    “Wicked” almost never stands alone, and is rarely used as its own adjective (think of the little kid on the tricycle in The Incredibles. “THAT WAS TOTALLY WICKED” isn’t really something that a Yankee would say. “THAT WAS TOTALLY WICKED COOL!” is).

    Get it?

    Go here:


    for a comprehensive guide to Boston English, which, when bastardized by Downeast Maine-ah, is pretty close to the dialect spoken in New Hampshire. Come see me if you have any questions.

    Mrs. Chili

  3. Anonymous Says:

    ideas –
    100 things about me
    things I hate
    things I love
    reasons why I love …ex:fall- leaves, pumpkins, apple pie etc.

    things no one knows about me

    the daily thump- how I tripped over the wt machine at the gym today and about broke my nose

    things noticed on the street today-
    man with blue hair, woman in white pants and black thong

    I enjoy reading your blog, the tone, witty snaps.
    Stick to it.

  4. pmatwork Says:

    Hey! Hows things? Heres my help, such as it is.
    Yesterday was my oldest son’s birthday.Even if I was nine when he was born, I would still be old!This sweet blond moppet, who bathed his G.I. Joe with Mr. Bubble in the Toilet, just turned 41.I want to know how this happened.How dare he make me feel old! Oh well, we love them anyway..
    Which brings me to what I am doing to leave my mark on the world.Iam making to worlds largest Rollo Wrapper Ball… Don’t laugh this is serious stuff ,It is now a 4″ perfectly round ball,To date I have invested a half a year and about 20 packages of indiviual wrapped Rollos, I figure another year and maybe another 50lbs,uh,I mean 50 packs of Rollos I should have the record in my pocket.I think I’ll have it mounted on my Headstone when Im gone from this world, just to give everyone a little smile when they think of me.. Love ya’ll

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Why don’t you write a post on the reasons why Little Miss Sunshine, the perfect wife of the perfect doctor, tears strangers down…low self-esteem or jealousy are my two guesses. Anyone in Texas or blog land want to chime in?

    Perhaps more people would read your stuff if it was enlightening or even well-written.

    Go back to baking cookies and wiping butts…methinks your true talent lies there. Most writers don’t need a “hook”–their words speak for themselves. Your criticizing others speaks volumes of your character.

    I’m ashamed for you.

    Rachel from Rachelland.blog-city.com

  6. desiree Says:

    Yay! I saw your name in the very long list of participants and i got super excited. This means updates! For the whole month of Novemeber! I can internet stalk you now!

    Muah ah aahhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. desiree Says:

    Also, congratulations on the mean comment above. I don’t think you are a “real” blogger until you get hate mail, Go Contrary! You are on the radar now!


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