There’s gotta be something good about 7am

See that right there? That picture? That is the only good thing about getting to work at 7am. The view. This picture does not do it justice. It looks like the sky is on fire. Even the less poetic among my co-workers can be found outside promptly at 7am to take in the view. I take credit for having dragged most of them out there at one time or another.

I’m not sure it’s a good enough reason to get to work that early. But it is gorgeous and totally worth the neck ache I get every morning from looking at it.

I read recently where they’ve done a through inspection of the Mona Lisa and could detect no brushstrokes. Now, no one could doubt that the Mona Lisa is a masterpiece, but one of the reasons I love my early morning view is that it is riddled with brushstrokes. They make it more interesting and textured and just plain cool. If you believe in a higher power (as I do) it’s hard not to imagine him relaxing while painting the morning sky and sipping a cuppa (Starbuck’s maybe?).

Speaking of Starbucks, Shiz has changed my mind about them. Would anyone else offer such a spirited and complimentary defense of an employer, past or present(as she did in the comments section of the last post)? I know I wouldn’t. So, Starbie’s is now my official provider of frosty beverages. Also, I tasted one of their pumpkin drinks today, and I swear, they could trade in white slavery and I’d still pony up the bucks for a tall one.

So, everyone go out and support an employer who takes care of their people. And don’t forget to tip.


A new friend of mine sent me something in e-mail today that I thought I would share with y’all. Inform your local schools or worthy non-profits and help them possible get quite a gift.

“The folks over at Hamburger Helper are conducting a grant contest for schools and non-profit groups raising funds to positively impact their community in some way. Every month through May 2007, Hamburger Helper will donate up to $15,000 to eligible 501(c)(4) “hometown” organizations. All a group has to do to win is to register online with and complete an essay of two hundred and fifty words or less describing how they the need help.

All of the application information can be found here:

Thanks, Charlie (not my brother) for the heads up!

Also, Pookie is blogging! Exciting, yes? Go see! Leave a comment! Tell him how cute he is!

5 Responses to “There’s gotta be something good about 7am”

  1. Mrs.Chili Says:

    I really, REALLY wish that Starbucks would go back to selling the Chantico – a sinfully wonderful drinking chocolate that they inexplicably pulled from their offerings last year. I never leared to like coffee, but those hot chocolates really flipped my switches. I’m sure my butt does not miss them, the rest of me certainly does….

  2. Rude Cactus Says:

    I”m glad you came around. Starbucks would have gotten you eventually anyway. Best not to put up a fight.

  3. jocuztothecontraryone Says:

    I… have sat at a Starbuck’s unwinding while out Christmas Shopping. It’s has it’s place. For me.. a noncoffee drinker… but I like something warm on a cold day of shopping. It has it’s perfect place. 🙂

  4. sweatpantsmom Says:

    That is beautiful, but I still refuse to get ANYWHERE by 7am. (And that’s with or without my daily Starbucks.)

  5. Jo Says:

    pssssssst. Contrary.. Did ya hear?

    Justin Timberlake is bringin’ Sexy Back!

    Just Sayin’…….

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