Three Things

Thing one: Well, people, I’ve done it. I jumped on the bandwagon and it’s heading straight to Hell. I went to Starbucks for the very first time today. We’ve had one across the sreet from work for about a year now, but I’d managed to avoid it. But today, people kept walking in with their iced venti lattes and grande mocha frappes and even though I didn’t know what those words meant, those drinks looked so good, I had to have one. It didn’t seem evil in there; the people were nice and the strawberries and creme thingie I had was awesome, but still, I feel dirty somehow.

Also, 4.75 for what amounted to a strawberry shake? I think I twisted an ankle jumping right back off the bandwagon. I’m cured! Cured by cheapness! Amen!

Thing two: There is a godawful smell in my garage. You know it’s bad if I can smell it, because I still have the stuffed up nose from hell. Either a small animal has died in there or Tony Soprano has moved to Texas and couldn’t find anywhere else to dump his latest victim. Pookie took out the trash and and it seems better, but it’s entirely possible that the odor just killed my ability to smell. I’ll keep you updated. Because I know you care.

Thing three: My weekly 2 days late Project Runway review! I know it’s exciting, but y’all need to calm down. So, was that Keith Guy a chickenshit or what? At the time he got booted for having design contraband and leaving the production for several hours, he was philosophical and almost gracious about it. Now, in this reunion special, he says the books were planted and that he received tacit permission to leave the production. Little bastard weasel.

But…Michael won the fan favorite thingie and his prize was 10,000 smackeroos. Well, actually, it was 10,000 dollars. I’m not really sure what smackeroos are.

Let’s see…Vincent was fully exposed for the prima donna, backstabbing, whiney bitch he is, which was lovely. I must say though, he makes me look like a slacker in the tantrum throwing department.

We briefly revisited the trauma over Jeffrey and Angela’s mother. Jeffrey is still a dick, acting like he didn’t have a chance to apologize, when in fact, Angela asked him to apologize to her mother and he refused. Dickless wonder. (as an aside, did y’all see the preview for the next show, where Tim Gunn visits Jeffrey and Jeffrey’s kid tries to hand Tim what he says is turtle poop? Please God, let’s hope that ‘turtle poop’ is their funny name for Tootsie Rolls.)

I can’t wait till next week. And I know that you can’t wait until my next half-assed, ill-informed take on the whole thing.


3 Responses to “Three Things”

  1. Rude Cactus Says:

    You can try and fight Starbucks, but we all lose in the end. I wish you luck though.

  2. Beth Says:

    I live in WA and have no trouble fighting Starbucks. Hate ’em hate ’em.

    Of course I’m not totally without addiction. It’s a smaller chain I’m addticted to.

    Starbucks just looks at me funny when I order my venti quadshot kahlua mocha extra sweet.

  3. Shiz Says:

    I worked at Starbie’s for almost 2 years and they are SOOOO GOOOOOOD to their people I love them so so so so so so much. I know they are getting humongous, and it’s a bit scary, but they are so so so so awesome. I do not hesitate to patronize them ever since I first worked for them in 2001. I have never been or felt so respected by an employer (both on the immediate “my mgr respects me” and on big “the company respects me” level) in all my life, and I’ve worked EVERYWHERE.

    Enjoy the Starbie’s. It’s ok to like them. Have a strawberry turnover.

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