I’m comin’ out

I watched Liza Minelli on Inside the Actor’s Studio last night. I’ve never thought much about her, beyond having loved her in Arthur; but I loved everyone in Arthur. It’s the perfect movie.

I have to say, though, I am now in love. I have decided to become a gay man, that’s how much I love her.

Now, this won’t be much of an adjustment for me, as I’m already with the man I love. Married to him, no less. The government can’t keep this gay man down, sister!

I’ll have to learn how to throw like a girl, but I’m already deathly afraid of bugs, so I think it will work out nicely.

Pookie may have some adjusting to do, though. Especially when I change my name to Marcel and learn how to love shopping.


Oh, it’s my brother’s birthday today. So even though we made him a cake, after he called to say he was coming up today and then called this morning to cancel YET AGAIN, I want y’all to wish him a happy birthday. Even though I’m really cheesed off at him.

Happy Birthday, Joel! Your cake is delicious! And almost gone!

Also, I’m on my deathbed (ok, death couch, whatever) with the worst cold/sinus attack in the history of the world. Send cough drops. Or whiskey. Whichever.


7 Responses to “I’m comin’ out”

  1. Robin Says:

    Hope you feel better. Disinfect the keyboard so the rest of us don’t get sick.

    Happy birthday Joel. Libras unite. (my bday is friday)

  2. Mrs.Chili Says:

    Good luck with the gay man thing; let me know how that goes.

    What is it about Liza Minelli and Barbara Steisand that appeals to gay men, anyway?

    Sorry about the cold. I’m with Robin – give your keyboard a blast of Lysol; I sure as hell don’t want what you’ve got!

    Feel better!


  3. Pat K Says:

    Hey no one told me there was cake!!

    Hope ya feel better.

    Happy birthday Joel!

  4. Rude Cactus Says:

    Just watch out for yourself. She apparently put the old beat down on her ex.

  5. Contrary Says:

    Yeah, but he looked like he needed his ass kicked. I wouldn’t mind takin a whack at him, myself. Maybe I could just knock that perpetually surprised look off his face.

  6. Andy Says:

    Get back! You’ll infect the internet! 3rd time and they kick you off, or so I hear.

    New Hampshire isn’t that far from Massachusetts, by the way. Though I don’t believe you’ll be able to get it recognized outside the state….

  7. desiree Says:

    Yes, Liza is very underapprecited. They played a vintage special of hers on PBS a coupld of weeks back and I fell in love with her too. She is actually surpisingly genuine.–>

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