Week in Review (so far)

Thing that made me really very sad this week:
The passing of Steve Irwin. I know he was an easy target for mockery, but at the end of the day he was a good person who worked his ass off to educate and entertain. I bet more than one kid will think differently about nature and the environment as a result of his work. Would that more of us had the ability/opportunity to mold young (and old!) minds. My heart just breaks for his family.

Thing that horrified me this week:
Reading that Survivor contestants will be divided up into tribes according to race. If I had ever watched this trainwreck in the first place, I would be refusing to watch it this season. Like we need more fodder in the whole race wars debate. I bet the black contestants have to ride in the back of the canoe.

Thing that made me deliriously happy this week. So happy I almost cried:
Project Runway. Vincent is GONE. Gone. Only the knowledge that Jeffrey has gained a stronghold by winning the last two challenges mars my joy. I would like to volunteer to scrub those tattoos off his neck. With an SOS pad. And lemon juice.

Thing that pissed me off this week:

Thing that depressed me this week:
I still have not won the lottery, enabling me to live in the style to which I could become very accustomed. Damnit.

Thing that made me whiney this week:
Little Man and I are both a little sick and a lot grumpy. Luckily, we both like to be cuddled when we don’t feel good, so we have each other’s back.

How’s your week going?


10 Responses to “Week in Review (so far)”

  1. Fish Says:

    Welcome to the sick club – sinus infection and bronchitis here. And no one to cuddle all day. Waaaahhhh.

  2. Mrs.Chili Says:

    WOW! I don’t think I’ve gone through that many emotions this week. I may be getting my car back tomorrow, though, after nearly a month of not having it (it decided to go for a little joy ride backwards down my friend’s driveway in the first week in August.) Oh, and my kitchen is mostly put together. Mrs. Chili has been pretty happy this week!

  3. Pat K Says:

    I as a Redneck Man only have 2 emotions. Happy and damn I’M gonna have to kill something.

    Hope you and little man feel better.

    Pat K

  4. Mrs.Chili Says:

    Wow, Pat. I may be a Redneck Man!

  5. Rude Cactus Says:

    The week? She is fine and almost over. I want to know what the execs over at CBS were smoking when they came up with that one. I’m a Survivor fan so I’ll probably watch just because I’m curious to see how it plays out. My guess? The end of the show.

  6. Charlie Says:

    I’m doing alright, kids are gettin good grades, football so bright, I sit in the shade.

  7. Pookie Says:

    Way to stay on topic, Charlie. 😉

  8. Charlie Says:

    As “The King Of All Commenters”, I have never been known to stay on topic. Thats why they love me……and they do love me.

  9. Shell Says:

    Oh my god! I didn’t win the lotto again either! We’re, like, connected or something.

    And did you hear some woman won her second million dollar jackpot in 4 years? Bitch needs to come back here with our luck.

  10. buffi Says:

    I knew I loved you. The while Runway-Vincent leaving thing was a little bittersweet since Jeffery won. Although I was a little afraid that Michael might have to go. I hope Jeff gets offed soon. He makes me throw up in th back of my throat a little.–>

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