Dream a Little Dream of….some really stupid shit

Have you ever been asleep and having a dream so mind numbingly stupid that you realize how stupid it is and wake up in protest?

I have, and let me tell you, it’s really rather irritating.

Now, I hate hearing other peoples’ dreams and have often thought about hari-kari when being subjected to it. However, I feel I must share at least a snippet of my dream with you, so that you are better able to grasp just how stupid this dream was.

I was involve in some of reality contest. A non-televised reality contest. A reality contest in which I had to …make a book of stamps. By that I mean I had to remove pages of stamps from a regular book of stamps and paste them to another book of stamps. The worst part was it felt like I spent HOURS on it and I couldn’t get it done, mostly due to the fact that I kept dithering over whether to use cloth or paper.

THEN, as I was making my way back to my ‘station’ (under a rusty old metal carport) from the ice water stand (refreshing! and also bland and tasteless) I had to avoid the giant bunny. And when I say ‘giant bunny’, I don’t mean biggesh or extra large; this sucker was the size of a cow. You shouldn’t worry though, I made it by the giant bunny easily despite the fact that I was running one legged.

Now, I ask you. Is that not the absolute stupidest dream you ever heard?

Beat that, bitches!

P.S. A quick letter to my brother, whom I love dearly:

Dear Charlie, post something already, you flaky, non-posting bastard.

Your loving sister (who loves you)


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