It’s Swifferific!

A while back Melanie Lynne Hauser asked me to blog about her book. Now, when I say she asked me , I mean she put a general call out on her blog to see if anyone wanted to read her book and blog about it, and I threw my arm in the air and invoked the spirit of Horseshack to get her to pick me. And it worked!

So, she sent me a book. It was the last copy she had and the reason she still had it was because she’d messed up when autographing the book for someone else. Well, to my way of thinking, that makes it way more interesting that way. Let’s face it, we all mess up, and the mistake makes her a little more human and familiar to me. So she scratched out the mistake and wrote my name in. I’m not too proud, baby.

Plus, free book. She could have written her grocery list on it and I still woulda been on that bandwagon, especially as I hadn’t been able to find the book locally and I really wanted to read it.

So I read the book, titled Confessions of Super Mom, about a nice lady who suddenly finds herself endowed with super powers after a tragic Swiffer accident. Yes, you read that correctly. Swiffer. Who’da thunk it?

This is a very fast paced book. I read it in a day, on breaks at work. Which, if I were a better person, I would admit that I took more breaks so I could read the book. But I’m not a better person, so I admit nothing!

Our protagonist decides to use her powers for good. Of course, her powers are cleaning at the speed of sound and hearing a child in need at great distances. Really, I don’t think she had any choice but to use her powers for good.

I enjoyed this book immensely and cannot wait for the sequel; Super Mom Saves the World due out in March, 2007.

You should also check out her blog, Refrigerator Door. Her real life tales of life with a devoted husband and two typical teenaged boys is hilarious and mushy at turns.


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