I’m not dead!

Admit it, internets, you were worried about me, weren’t you? I mean, no one has e-mailed me or left an inquiring comment, trying to find out why Mega-Mouth has been so quiet lately, but I KNOW you’ve been weeping into your collective pillows every night worrying about me. Right?

Okay, then.

When I got up this morning and checked my e-mail, Pookie had sent me a little gift. A gift that made me so happy that I didn’t even walk into work and announce, in loud tones, “I swear to God. Just give me a reason to quit.”. Which was a refreshing change for my co-workers, who sometimes think about giving me a reason, just so I’ll shut the fuck up already. And really, who can blame them? Sometimes I wish I would shut the fuck up already. Never happens though.

Anyway. Go here to view the funniest bit of music video I have seen, maybe ever. And that’s counting the David Hasselhoff videos. Oh, and you want to wait till the kids are out of the room to watch it. It’s got (gasp) dirty words in it.

I am now a little in love with Bob Saget. Which, if someone had told me yesterday that I would ever type that sentence, I would have punched them in the neck. Because, eeeeew. Bob Saget? Bob ‘ I was the overshadowed star of perhaps the most insipid bit of fluff to ever launch the careers of twin bulimics’ Saget?

But now? Now I kind of love him a little. To quote the great Brett Butler, ‘Don’t you judge me!”.

Oh, and my (much) older brother, Charlie, has a Live Journal. I like to think I was his inspiration. His sisterly muse, if you will.

I wasn’t, of course, but I like to think it.

Y’all should go check him out. He’s funny, and good lookin’, just like me!

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