Yep. It’s Monday. Again, UPDATED!**

Ways I can tell it’s Monday:

1) The feeling of impending doom.

2) I don’t just kind of hate the idea of going to work. I really, really hate it.

3) For some reason, the electricity went off about 30 seconds after I woke up and I had to get dressed in the dark.

4) The girls over at Snarkywood are hating on the Hoff. Also, it’s funny, so go see it.

Monday, Monday, go away
Come again another day.

Or never. That would be good too.

Have a good day everyone! (that was sarcasm, in it’s purest form, right there)

**Update…..And, I’m home! The conference call I dread every other Monday was relatively painless and also short.

Y’all will be happy to know that I managed to avoid injury this weekend, so I’m canceling that restraining order I have against myself for the time being.

However, Pookie may have caught my bad luck as he seems to have a kindey stone doing it’s level best to kick his ass.


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