TGIFF! (3 guesses what the extra ‘F’ stands for)

Good morning, sunshines! I have to dash off to work so I can get done and start my weekend off, which is a rare occurence. I know y’all are all probably doing the same thing. Unless you’re independantly wealthy. In which case, could you adopt me? I don’t actually require parenting, but an allowance would come in handy!

Anyway, here’s a few tidbits from the last week. Mostly involving wildlife, for some reason.

  • I saw the world’s biggst squirrel in my backyard. Pookie disagrees that it was, in fact the world’s biggest, though he did agree that it was bigger than the squirrels we usually see. Who died and made him the squirrel expert? (that sucker was huge, y’all)

Internet experts? Your opinion? Did I, or did I not, see the world’s biggest squirrel?
(Hint: I did.)

  • A cow trotted alongside my van for about 20 seconds as I drove to work. Which was so surreal that I pressed the wrong button on my camera phone and then the two guys who were trying to catch it chased it off the road and now I do not have a picture to share with you. I thought about getting jiggy with Microsoft Paint, but I do not draw well with pencil and paper, if I attempted it with a mouse, people would injure themselves trying to figure out what the hell it was.
  • In the ever alarming trend of me causing painful, but ultimately minor, injury to myself, I cut off a bit of the knckle on my left index finger. Yet another in a long string of boo-boos that will irritate the crap out of me but are not bad enough to get me out of work. Damnit.
  • As I was leaving work yesterday, I saw a little bitty bird chasing a great big old bird. It would catch up to the big bird, bite it in the vicinity of it’s ass, the big bird would flounder for a moment, and then they’d start all over again. It was much like watching a Chihuahua chase a pit bull and bite it in the ass.

I don’t know what the big bird did to piss off the little bird, but I’m betting he won’t do it again anytime soon.

So, anything interesting happen to y’all this week? And before you say no, refer to the above list and understand that my criteria for ‘interesting’ is perhaps not so stringent as yours.


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