Two posts in one day! Alert the Media! Updated!

I know y’all have been obsessively checking the major news outlets to see if I lost my mind and committed boss-acide. You’ll be happy to know I didn’t. Unless you are a crazy mo-fo, in which case you’ll be disappointed.

It was a pretty craptastic day, in no small part because I think I punched myself in the eye while I was sleeping and my eye fucking HURT all day. By the way, what kind of dumbass hits themselves in their own eye while they sleep?

But the day is over and I have a date with my two favorite men to go see Cars!

This will be J.D.’s first movie going experience, except for when he saw the IMAX movie in Little Rock with his Daddy which doesn’t count because I wasn’t there. Because it really is all about me.

I’ll be so busy watching his face I’ll likely miss most of the movie, which is ok since once it comes out on video I’ll be forced to watch it eleventy million times.

Oh! Completely different subject here. What would y’all do if your 16 year old daughter told you that a sweet boy cheered her up at the fireworks show and made her smile and asked for her number and “oh, yeah, he got kicked out of his house for some reason but I didn’t want to pry into his business and everyone calls him the coolest Jew in town but he’s not really Jewish and his name is Caleb and his hair is curly and kind of long and ohmygod, he was so sweet and cute and he touched my face!”?

Would your head explode? Would you send off for literature from local convents?

I’ve chosen not to overreact until he calls her. After all, she wrote her number in Magic Marker on his arm. Maybe it washed off, right? Right?

It’s a good thing this kid looks good in black.

Updated to add: Oh. My. God. That movie was AWESOME. Y’all, if you haven’t seen it, go. Go now. Or in the near future. Go lots of times.

Ok, now, who wants to go tractor tipping wth me?


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