Vacation pics and an ass update (not in that order)

Good news y’all. I don’t think my ass is going to fall off, after all. I’m sure you all are as relieved as I am.

I am willing to go on the record as being against Chickenpox. I know, it’s a radical postion, but I have to go with my principles here.

I did get some extra time off work, which has actually been kind of nice because our oldest is home on leave and Pookie is still on vacation, so there is some serious family time going on. And God knows I’ll be ready to go back to work Monday (maybe).

I have lots of good pics but I’m only gonna show a few tonight because I’m hopped up on the generic Benedryl and should be tucked in next to Pookie right now.

First we have a still life entitled What I did on my summer vacation before I got chickenpox and my ass fell off.

What more could a girl need than a good book, some awesome spaghetti sauce, some cheapish alcohol and some good bug spray? Nothing, that’s what.

This is a pyramid in Memphis,TN. Archaeologists are still trying to solve the mystery of how it got there.

They did recently find some ancient hieroglyphics on it. They are currently trying to translate it. Any experts on ancient languages out there? Think of the prestige of solving a puzzle of this magnitude.

There’s something very familiar about it to me. Hmm. Ain’t history wonderful?

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