New Hampster or Bust!

Tomorrow, we leave on vacation. I would be quivering with excitement, but I’m too fucking tired.
Breathing and sitting is about all I have the energy for. Oh, and typing, apparently.

I have to work tomorrow, and I am incredibly bitter about that, but I’ve made plans to skip out at about 1:00 so it will only be half as exhausting as usual, which will give me time to come home, shower, shop for last minute stuff, and let Pookie have a nice long sleep before we head out at about midnight. To the promised land, otherwise known as New Hampster, at least around our house.

In other news! I have a website! Courtesy of the awesome and amazing and other words that start with ‘A’ (including alliterative!) Blue.

She’s done a great job and I hope you’ll go check it out and I hope you like it as much as I do, which is impossible because I love it a lot and it’s all about me. You people can’t really compete with my narcissism. So don’t even try. SNAP.

Also, I got the most awesome shout out from a fellow blogger and I have to share it with y’all for two reasons. First, it’s all about me! Second, this chick deserves some recognition of her own.

She wrote:

I’ve been searching for the blogs of 20 and 30 something year old single females making their way in the world but have come to the conclusion that all of them are actually at home with their comforters over their heads trembling in fear, so I’m left with the mommybloggers, and that is okay. The 20 and 30 something years olds of the world have a tough go of it and by the time they get it together they wind up with kids and blogs. is a mom with a blog. A mom who lives in Texas (again, so much better than Reno) and writes about old timey crushes, (Orlando Bloom? Bah! Rock Hudson! Yay!), her crippling fear of spiders (I have some fun stories for her) and Kevin Eubanks’s Salary. If you’re new to web-ness check out her links. She has researched and stuff so the links are good.

Contrary also has a website, , not just a blog. This means she gets double the internet adoration. It also means she gets to post cute pictures of her family. Someday I am going to write Contrary and ask her how to get the pictures out of my laptop and onto my blog, because you want to see what I look like, right?

I know! How awesome is she? And how awesome am I….apparently?

Oh, and those of you who are dying laughing at the notion of me helping anyone figure out how to do anything on the computer? You can bite me.

I plan to update often while vacationing, which could either mean that I update every 5 minutes or that I forget I have a blog for the duration. I’m not really good with the planning.

But y’all should totally check back often and you should also check out the new site and let me know what you think because I am insecure and need constant positive reinforcement.


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