Ah, the good old days

Now, like every girl, I’ve had actor crushes. Mine were sometimes a bit different than other girls. Don’t get me wrong, I had brief flirtations with the likes of Rick Springfield (I still know all the words to Jessie’s Girl) and Rob Lowe.

Mostly, though, my crushes were old enough to be my father, if not my grandfather.

James Garner– from his early days with Move Over Darling to Support Your Local Sheriff to The Rockford Files to Space Cowboys. My favorite? Victor/Victoria with Julie Andrews.

Cary Grant– even in his madcap comedy days, starring in classics like Arsenic and Old Lace or Bringing Up Baby all the way up to even more classics like Father Goose and Operation Petticoat. Oh! And let’s not forget His Girl Friday, easily one of the best movies ever made. Of course, I wanted to grow up to be Rosiland Russell when I was a little kid.

Rock Hudson– yes, I know. He was gay. But I defy any heterosexual woman to watch Pillow Talk and not fall just a little in love. Oh, and I also defy any heterosexual male to watch Doris Day in those dresses and not fall a little in lust.

Paul Newman-yes I know, me and everybody else. Nobody’s Fool is my hands down favorite movie. He was OLD in that and I still wanted him.

Sean Connery– Need I say more?

John Wayne– To this day I can’t watch the end of The Shootist because he dies in it and it was the last movie he made before he died in real life. My favorites are The Quiet Man (not a western, so you western phobics out there should watch it and give the old man a try. I think this one will surprise you), McClintock, The Sons of Katie Elder and never mind, there are too many to list).

This is by no means the complete list. I watched a lot of old movies as a kid. I had a mother who wasn’t too strict about bedtimes and all the time in the world to watch The Late Movie (for you kids out there; before cable, there were three, sometimes four, channels. That was it. And the movie they always showed after the news and Carson was called The Late Movie. A little slice of American History, right here at VeryContrary).

What about y’all? Who was/is your crush? By the way, every woman in the world currently has a crush on Jack Bauer and/or Dr. McDreamy so those don’t count. Because I say so.


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